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Monday, September 19, 2011


Wow it feels like forever since I posted on here! Sorry for those who are actually still following haha. Well I think we've settled in nicely here. The apartment is in order, I got a job, and we know how to get to the essential places (WalMart, Panda Express & Walgreens) without getting lost! I start orientation tomorrow for Target and I have to say i'm actually excited. It will feel nice to get back to work but I have to say I will miss lounging around the pool whenever I felt like it! 

Love some of the street names near the strip! Just fun to see stuff like this while driving around.

I still think it's weird that there are so many stand-alone Panda Express restaurants! This is one of our favorites though so i'm not complaining! They're more popular than McDonald's around here.

So fun we got to watch the fountains at the Bellagio the other night. Reminded me of our wedding day : )

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Come Together

You know that feeling when you think you know exactly where you're going, but then you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a dead cell phone and no directions? Yeah that was me this morning and all I was trying to do was get some breakfast from Einstein Bros. Bagels. Luckily I figured it out but I swear getting lost is annoying! I know it takes time to get used to a new place but Las Vegas is so huge. I'm just glad I like the area i'm in and probably won't venture too far outside of it (other than going to the strip of course!). Other than getting lost ALL the time things are going great! The apartment has come together so well (see pictures : Photo Blog) and there really isn't anything else moving wise we need to take care of. Finally! Oh and of course the kitties are making themselves right at home

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ch-Check it out!

Decided to make a separate "photo" blog since it's not very easy to upload them on here. Plus it doesn't look very good half the time. Here's the link!

Tumblr Photo Blog

Las Vegas!

Whew can finally get on here and make a post! I can't believe we made it! What a trip. So busy moving and getting everything sorted out in the new apartment. (pics to come!) I absolutely love the place! The apartment is so adorable and the area is amazing! Everywhere you look all you see is mountains and palm trees! I was also really surprised how close everything really is. I was thinking since we're kind of on the outside of Vegas we'd have to drive a ways to get places but pretty much everything we need is well within ten minutes. Yesterday the first place we ate was Panda Express (they're stand alone everywhere out here) and went to Target and TjMaxx Home Goods (Heather I stole your trash can!). Today we're tackling WalMart and In N Out Burger. So excited! Haven't had In N Out Burgers since California Rose Bowl trip in High School! Sorry this post doesn't have any pictures but trust me there will be more to come!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well after the longest, most ridiculous day of driving we finally made it to Albuquerque. Stuck in traffic for over an hour on I-40 due to a bus catching on fire!! It was unbelieveable. Ended the night with a couple of "Brewtus" beers and appetizers from Applebee's. It was wonderful. Next stop is Vegas!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Managed to make it to Tulsa, OK all in one piece! The kitties survived and we actually had a little fun while we were here! Stayed at a really nice Hampton Inn across the street from a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (practicing for Vegas!). Played there for a little bit after dinner and games at Dave and Busters. Next stop, Albuquerque New Mexico!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ready, set, GO!

It's our last official night in Indiana. So surreal. I could not be any more thankful for such an awesome husband who has made this move so easy. We had everything planned for so long and it really paid off considering all we are doing tonight is playing Monopoly and eating frozen pizza : ) Our poor little apartment is so bare! We did bust out our air mattress so at least we have a place to sleep. If we're on track hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll be blogging from Tulsa Oklahoma!